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Rationalizing Your Manufacturing


01 / Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures Design
& Fabrication

We specialize in the engineering, fabrication, assembly and installation of tooling and jigs & fixtures used in the electronics, automotive and medical industries.  Our capabilities include drilling, cross drilling, boring, turning, milling, threading, tapping, surface and form grinding, welding, wire EDM, CNC.  Secondary operations include deburring, knurling, sawing hardening, furface treatment, stamping and polishing.

02 / Automated Equipment Development & Build

One of the ways to reduce labour cost is to implement customized automated equipment for the specific manufacturing tasks.  The development of such equipment would require feasibility studies, finalcial analysis and thorough roll-out plan which consumes time in particular.  This is our major strength that we would work together with our clients to realize the goal of 'Rationalizing Your Manufacturing'.

03 / Frame Assembly & Drafting

In the case that new customized automated equipment is not favoured, but only ergonomical improvement is preferred, we have our products made out of extruded aluminium profiles, which are very flexible to be constructed into work benches and frames that are safe and ergonomic to work within.  With the help of 3D drafting software, those frame structures could also be made as safety covers for sophisticated machineries to restrict undesirable access.

Thru our years of practical experience in tooling, jigs & fixtures design and development, customized automated equipment design and development, these are the very important factors we think we should consider, before investing into any improvement/jigs & fixtures/equipment:

  • Return of Investment (ROI) - Questions to ask:

Is the financial return justified in short/long term?

  • Practical Rationalization - Questions to ask:

Does the process improvement help human's operation with higher production speed? safer work environment? better ergonomics? better quality output? reduced fatiqueness?

If you do have any questions on the above-mentioned items, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be glad to share what we know, what we can do, and how we can work together with you to fulfill your need to 'Rationalize Your Manufacturing'.  We strive to be a turnkey technical solution provider!



Incorporated in 2015, we might be young in the corporate world.  But what is backing us is a group of technical personnel and engineers who have individually been involved directly in various engineering applications, development of customized automated equipment, design and build of Jigs and Fixtures used in electronics, automotive and medical industries for more than 20 years


- To be a turnkey solution provider!

- To not only provide solutions spec-in by our clents for today's need, but for tomorrow's potential expansion as well!

- Constantly engage with our clients to understand the realtime performance of our solutions, and will continue to improve our solutions and applications up to a optimum level!


PRACTICALITY will be the main factor for us to develop products and services for our clients.  We will ensure the solutions provided are easily handled and managed by our clients, and the cost effectiveness and maintainability are acceptable by our clients.



Mobile: (+60)12-396-8289

Tel: (+60)3322-3686

Fax: (+60)3322-3601

A-9-1, 9th Floor

BBT One The Towers (South Tower)

Lebuh Batu Nilam 1, Bandar Bukit Tinggi

41200 Klang, Selangor


Radicon Engineering & Supplies


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